Oral Presentation Guidelines

Thematic area-based presentation schedule will be updated on 15th October 2021. Please visit the 10th ABC homepage (https://www.abc2021.org/) for updates. Also, follow the following guidelines for oral presentations.

  • Each oral presenter is given 10 minutes to present their slides, and 2 minutes for discussion and exchange with the audience through Q & A box, as per the instruction of the chair and moderator of the session.
  • Presenters are requested to submit their presentation slides in PDF format, short bibliography (templet attached) of the speaker and its (video recording of 10 min.) file by 15th October 2021. The video recording will be played during the speakers' presentation session, or the speaker will go live during the session.
  • Presenters are asked to prepare their presentations to be compatible with below mentioned system and upload to at https://www.abc2021.org/participant/presentations within the above given deadline.
    1. Computer system: WINDOWS 8.1 (in English)
    2. Microsoft Office 2010, with PowerPoint 2010 (.pptx , .ppsx), compatible with older format (.ppt, .pps)
    3. Preferred video formats as MPEG-1 or h264 (.wmv , .mp4).

Formats of presentation slides

  • It is recommended to prepare the presentation in PowerPoint and then save it as a PDF before sending it. Oral presentation slides must be submitted in PDF format.
  • Title should be same as in the submitted abstract.
  • Text and presentation should be in ENGLISH only.
  • Please put your ABC-2021 ID on the top right corner of each slide.
  • It is suggested to keep the text easy to read and concise.
  • Avoid the use of full sentences and rather use short texts in bullet point format.
  • Use only static images and do not embed any videos and animations in your slide.

!!! Important Notes for Speakers !!!

  • ZOOM LINK TO PARTICIPATE AS SPEAKER: A zoom link will be provided to the speaker/moderator for the entire congress session by email and at their dashboard. Please reach out to the moderator of your session if you did not receive it. They have copies of the links. IMPORTANT !!! Please update your zoom before the event.
  • All the speakers and participants can only join the zoom conference link with their web portal (www.abc2021.org) email ID, thus, it is MANDATORY to get register (sign-up) at the website for joining the congres
  • PLEASE NOTE: All times given at the program as Nepalese Standard Time (NST) which has conversion value of UTC/GMT +5:45 hours, to convert to your time zone, you can use the following link: https://www.thetimezoneconverter.com/.
  • You can also go to the Event Platform and see the full program schedule.
  • If you are presenting live please be in the room NO LESS than 15 minutes prior to your times slot and live discussion. (Make sure you are using your speaker link – you will be asked for access to your camera etc.)
  • All questions from the audience will be in writing, under the Q&A button at the bottom of the zoom window, and they can be viewed in real-time during the talks. If desired, you can also choose which questions you want to answer of the ones addressed to you, or let the chairs select & read them for you. The session chair will tell you when to turn on your video and unmute (both buttons can be found at the bottom bar of the zoom window) when the discussion begins.
  • If you are presenting live and have not yet done so, you are strongly recommended to send your PowerPoint to us, in ppt or pptx format. This is to minimize delays and computer hassle – in the event of a problem we can then easily share your slides for you. (Please note however that you will then not be able to use your mouse or pointer).
  • Attached to this email you will find a ABC2021 virtual background for you to use it if you like. You can upload to zoom. Read more here: https://support.zoom.us/hc/en-us/articles/210707503-Getting-started-with-Virtual-Background. Please note that not all computers will allow backgrounds, if you require any assistance, you can also contact us.
Moderators might introduce speakers at the start of the session, in that case the Moderator will just ask you to join him/her on stage and there will not be a formal introduction before your speaking slot.

Poster Guidelines

Due to the virtual nature of the conference, we are only accepting Electronic Posters (E-Posters) in PDF format, short bibliography of the speaker and the audio recording of the poster presentation. Poster submission deadline is 10 days before (till Oct. 15, 2021) the event start.

Accessing the Poster Session and Using the Chat Feature

All posters will be displayed on the conference website in a gallery view with search features by keyword, topic category, and presentation. Each poster has a dedicated poster PDF page, bibliography of the speaker (template as attached) and 4-minute poster audio presentation. The speaker can view their poster file by searching directly for it within the gallery. The participants/speakers do NOT need a zoom link to access the posters.

Using the Embedding Chat Feature to Discuss your Poster

Once on the page, you will notice the embedded chat window on the right next to your audio file. To maximize your experience, we would encourage you to go to your poster page now, and “send msg”. This feature will alert you by email any time an attendee has added anything to the chat so you can respond promptly.

Providing Your Poster (Deadline to Upload: 15 Oct. 2021)

Presenters will have the following opportunities to present their research and communicate with attendees:

  • provide a one-page Poster PDF (A0, Portrait layout with high pixel quality (600 dpi)
  • Speaker's bibliography (as attached template)
  • submit a four-minute recorded audio presentation of the poster.
  • participate in Q & A discussion with attendees through internal platform.

Above information and documents can be uploaded at https://www.abc2021.org/participant/presentations Presenters are highly encouraged to fulfill all the above points to best facilitate a robust and dynamic virtual Poster session.

You should receive an upload link from us soon. If you do not receive the upload link ten days prior to the conference, please contact [email protected] and confirm the email address these instructions should be sent to.

Poster Format: Poster must be submitted as e-copy in PDF format. It is recommended to outline the poster in PowerPoint (Portrait layout) and then save it as a PDF before sending it. The poster should be a clear visual presentation of the submitted abstract and should meet the following criteria:

  • Tittle of the Poster: Title of the poster should be same as in the submitted abstract.
  • Authors Information:
    • The top of Poster should display: Title of your Paper, Name(s) of the Author(s) and Affiliation(s) at header.
    • Please put your ABC2021 ID on the top right corner of the poster as well as ABC2021 official logo (given above) at the top left corner of the poster.
  • Poster Font:
    • Kindly use both UPPER and lower case letters for general content, as all-capital text is difficult to read. It is recommended to use Times New Roman font style for the content of the poster.
    • Make sure there is enough contrast between the color of the text and the poster’s background.
    • Text and audio should be in ENGLISH language only.
  • Content of the Poster
    • The specific sections (such as the background, methods, results, and conclusions) should be easy to locate in the poster.
    • It is suggested to keep the text easy to read and concise. The poster should have a clear message, a logical layout and be easy to comprehend.
    • Avoid the use of full sentences and rather use short text in bullet point format.
    • Avoid using watermarks that may detract from the readability of your poster.
  • Illustrations Colorful charts and graphs are the easiest to read and will attract the most attention. Explanatory illustrations should be used instead of text, whenever possible. Use only static images and do not embed any videos or animation in your poster. Try to utilize the space on your poster as creatively as you can to attract the audience.

While we don’t have a specific template, there are a number of websites that offer free templates to assist you in creating your Poster PDF. The A0 poster size formatted vertically is the most popular based on the usual, physical dimensions.

Online Resources

All registrants will be able to access both your paper and your audio from your presentation listing on the mobile app or website schedule. In addition, we will upload your Poster PDF to the official ABC2021 website after completion of this congress.

No live presentations will be given, but we encourage real-time engagement through our poster session platform where you will be able to directly correspond with attendees.

Award Winning:

The most viewed poster (audio as well) with high real-time conversation will be awarded by "Best Poster" award by ABC2021. Award winner will be announced with his/her details at the website, and the winner will receive certification as well as the ABC2021 registration fee will be refund.

For any technical assistance, feel free to write at [email protected]